REALTORS® Conference Diary


Wednesday meetings 1st was smart growth, I don’t sit on this committee but have attended for a few years now. This committee approves the NAR smart growth grants one of many grants available to the local and state associations. Spokane recently applied and was awarded a smart growth grant and was able to bring in a smart grown class, we invited members, local city officials, state officials, and also had city staff show up. We had the opportunity to talk about grown in our cities with all of them. you can go to to apply for a grant.

That evening I attended the CRS® welcome reception, the kick off for CRS® meetings. The event was well attended by CRS’s from around not only the country but also the world.

Thursday started at the Data Strategies Committee, this meeting was lively. First we had an update on upstream. Second was a presentation from the Center for Real Estate Technology, and its new CRT lab which is currently testing start home products. The members and attendees were asked to deuces a few scenario’s the one I worked on was about smart home devices, also know as “the internet of things” as well as the data they provide and what if the government wanted that data. it was a lively discussion on how that data could be used or misused, we pondered the data could be used for a lot of good things, like air quality in the home if you had a client with allergies, or on your electrical panel to se what is using the most energy. This data that will soon be out there could also be used for less than honorable reasons like, when a home is most likely to be empty and a host of negative issues I believe this could replace home energy audit with the right array of sensors. Stay tuned this subject is going to be one we are talking about for years.

My second meeting of the day was the Federal Technology Advisory Board or FED Tech, I am a member here. 1st we had an update from Second Century Ventures and the REach Isights group. Nar seeks out startup companies with possible real estate implications and invests in them and bring them to the REach insights group to look at and provide feedback. I have been involved with this for awhile and we have seen some great products come through here. Go to to find out more. 2nd we heard from CRT and the CRT lab folks similar to the update in Data Strategies. 3rd we discussed the FCC and the Net Neutrality issue as well as patent trolls, privacy and data security, and copyrights.

Nar 360 was my last event of the day for all of those updates go to my twitter @tomhormel.

Friday I hoped in and out of a few committee meeting before heading to the YPN networking reception this is one of the hottest tickets at the conference and as always was a great event but I had to leave early to go to the CRS® Inaugural Dinner and awards. This was a great event as my state chapter won large chapter of the year, Yeah Washington CRS®, my friend Jerry Rippeteau won a Presidential Medallion Award and my friend Janelle Pfleiger was installed as the 2016 National President.

Saturday started with the Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee, and I am a member of this committee. This is one of the most highly attended meetings at every conference, it was standing room only. We passed the inclusion of pending homes in IDX feeds, and received updates on the AMP, Upstream, RESO dictionary, and data mapping. We also passed policy on arbitration award enforcement for nonmember MLS participants.

I also attended the general session which started with the parade of flags, and when the French flag came out the crowd erupted and gave it a standing O. NAR honored the State REALTORS® of the Year. Congrats to all of them, but a special shout out to Rob Drexler form Mason County, Washington a good friend, great REALTOR®, amazing man, and a truly a deserving recipient. Emmitt Smith spoke to us about leadership, overcoming odds, and preparing. He was a great speaker, and a REALTOR® to boot.

Sunday was caucus day first was the Washington State caucus then Region 12 caucus. At each caucus we discuss what meetings everyone has attended and what the impact could be on the group, as well as what we will see at the Board of Directors meetings. That evening was topped of by the John Legend concert, which was an amazing evening of music.

Sundays BOD meeting was all set to have some hot debate on what I thought would be several issues. First being the new MLS policy as to pending listings mandated in IDX feeds. Second, the investment in Ziplogix and the new member benefit of Zipforms+ to all NAR members. The MLS issue passed with flying colors, not a single person spoke up. The Ziplogix issue got heated for awhile, with some people exchanging their ideas passionately. In the end, the question was called, the vote taken, the decision was rendered, and we have a new member benefit. While my MLS uses a different provider, I voted yes and here are the reasons. First, we should be in charge of the transactions, and the data that comes with it. After Zillow bought Dotloop we had to answer the bell. Right now, some have said Ziplogix’s transaction coordination system may not be the best on the market, but it has the skeleton, the foundation, the bones, or pick your favorite metaphor and place it here. It also has something else, REALTOR® ownership, and in a battle for our industry I want allies in my corner. I applaud NAR to see this as a future battle ground and to put us in a place to compete and win. We need to remember that NAR is about its members and NAR should always be looking to add member benefits and protect its members.

My last shout out is to Terry Sullivan of the Spokane Association of REALTORS®. He has been serving on the National Associations BOD since the early 90’s and this was his last BOD meeting as a director. He will continue to serve at NAR, but has recognized that it was time to train his replacements and then he did the hard part. He stepped aside and has let the sun shine on the people he helped. Thank You Terry. I appreciate your willingness to serve and to help others in their journey.

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Tom has been a REALTOR® since 1999. Tom has served the REALTOR® family on the local, state, and national levels.