I’m Exhausted! Who Should I Hire First? An Assistant or a Buyer’s Agent?


Leigh Brown an entertaining, energetic, intelligent speaker shared three steps to follow when hiring a real estate team for the Women’s Council of REALTORS®. Her real life experience on hiring a quality team makes sense. She includes how to start the process, lead generation and where to look for members of a team. If you follow these three steps, you’ll build an exceptional team.


Step One – preparation for hiring an assistant

For the next two weeks write down everything you do all day. Yes, if you roll out of bed and check social media and email, write it down. Before you seek someone out, you must know what they need to do.

Create a checklist of any non-income producing activities that need to come off your plate. Read Unique Ability by Dan Sullivan – This book will help you figure out where you should be channeling your time.   After two weeks of documenting everything you do you’ll know what you need to delegate. This becomes your “Job Description”.

Yes, you need to hire an assistant before hiring a buyer’s agent. Check with agents who are not built for sales, but want to be active in the business. Indeed.com is a hiring website you might want to consider when searching for team members. Use social media to find an assistant. Don’t brag, be honest about what you need. What you say on social media is key. Therefore, ask for the help you need.


Step Two – Referrals

You many not be ready for the training, hiring, or management of a buyer agent but you need the assistance. Therefore, seek out a like-minded agent who can close, but needs leads, and have them work for you. When referring your business Expectations are key.

  • What will you pay them?
  • Why systems do you have in place for lead tracking?
  • What is your ongoing role with the client?
  • What happens after closing?


Step Three – Hiring a Buyer’s Agent

Your buyer agent Job description is critical to setting expectations. What kind of personality are you seeking? Who will balance you?

Who are these agents. Consider:

  • Indeed.com
  • New Home Sales Agents
  • New Licensees
  • Client recommendations
  • Past co-broke relationships
  • 60-day trial

Staying the Course

  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings/huddles
  • Quarter goal tracking
  • Annual team advance/business planning
  • Individual reviews
  • Hire Slowly and fire Fast
  • We want to give our clients an amazing experience


Don’t worry about training someone and having them leave. It’s better to train someone to do their job week and if they decide to leave after 18 months, it’s ok. You’ve done your job if they become successful.   Leigh also says that she only hires non-licensed assistants as part-time. She also has a strategy for lead generation. Each team member has a goal to bring in leads for the business. Yes, even the assistants are challenged to generate leads. All in line with real estate license law. For more information or to connect with Leigh Brown go to:





Ask Leigh about the “Box Top Mom” lead generation idea. Ask her on twitter! Engage with her online today. @leighbrownremax




2-Time Featured Attendee

Carrie J. Bey-Little is a national speaker, digital marketing strategist, and a board director for MORe, one of the largest real estate boards in the U.S. Carrie is also the 2015 president elect for Women’s Council Illinois and a licensed real estate agent with Baird & Warner.