The YPN RPAC Pledge


2016 will be the year of the YPN RPAC Pledge—not that it hasn’t already started strong with over 225 YPN members signing the pledge to invest $10,000 in RPAC over the next 10 years. (That’s $2,250,000 for RPAC already.) New YPN Advisory Board member Nick Solis has big goals for the pledge next year. He plans to break the 600 mark by this time next year, and it’s very doable. Nick has a fresh approach to getting the word out, and an energy that is nothing short of contagious. We had six new members sign the pledge at the RPAC auction on Friday alone. To learn more about the YPN Pledge and the impact it has on the future of NAR, check out the pledge kit at #teamYPN #YPNpledge #RPAC

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First-Time Featured Attendee

Philip B.W Becker is the founder of Becker Properties in San Antonio, TX and has been a REALTOR® since 2009.