CRS Governance is Changing, Big Time


The Board of Directors of the Council of Residential Specialists voted on big changes to their governance system this week. Among the big news is the elimination of the Executive Committee and the formation of a leaner, competency-based (my favorite part) Board of Directors consisting of nine members. There will also be a new Leadership Development Committee in place of the current nominating committee. Many of the changes are already in motion. You can expect the rollout in 2016 trough 2017.

If you’re worried about a reduction in opportunity to serve the council, don’t be. In fact, there will be even more opportunities to be involved. There are currently about 250 members involved in the council governance, but the new plan allows for up to 275 to hold positions on the board, the LDC, any of the three new divisions, or task forces that will be implemented. I applaud the great work of the Governance Task Force, and I know these changes will propel CRS to the next level and beyond.

First-Time Featured Attendee

Philip B.W Becker is the founder of Becker Properties in San Antonio, TX and has been a REALTOR® since 2009.


This new governance is going to make it much easier to accomplish the strategic plan for the Council. We will be able to move new ideas forward faster and get things done in a much more timely manner. The Council is moving ahead quickly with the times and is still the best education around. Looking forward to all the changes and proud to be a part of CRS.

Some say if you keep doing the same thing you have always done you get the same result. I disagree, if you keep doing the same thing you have always done sometimes you get less. I love that CRS is seeking to enhance, grow, and embrace change. If we did not embrace improving and change we would still be riding horses. Hat’s off to CRS!!!

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