Want to Dominate Your Market? Top 10 Lessons from a Top Producer


One of the reasons I attend conference is to hear from top producers around the country, which is why I sat in on Alex Milshteyn’s 360 Market Domination class. Alex—the #1 REALTOR® in Ann Arbor, Michigan—shared his tips for dominating your market:

  1. Mail postcards monthly for at least a year. If you don’t do them monthly, you’re wasting your money.
  2. Advertise in smaller printed publications such as church bulletins, school newspapers, play bills, and local magazines. Again, advertise monthly; not just once.
  3. Have a buyer who can’t find the right property due to low inventory? If so, run a Facebook ad with a photo of the type of home you’re looking for and ask “Does your home look like this?” This has been a great way for Alex to find inventory for buyers, but is also a great way to get more listings. Best part is that it usually costs him less than $20.
  4. Any companies relocating employees to your area for work? If so, run targeted Facebook ads to reach these people. For example, Toyota was relocating a lot of employees to Ann Arbor so Alex ran Facebook ads targeting Toyota employees who lived out of state, but had recently traveled to the state. In the ad he said his company helps Toyota employees buy homes. Great way to pick up new buyers for less than $20. Same principle applies if you hear of a large employer in your area laying people off as you might be able to help those employees sell their homes.
  5. On LinkedIn, put your phone number and email in your tag line under your name. That way people don’t have to log in to LinkedIn to access your contact info.
  6. Check out primesellerleads.com, which is your own home valuation site like Zillow’s Zestimates. Alex has one of their sites and uses Google Ad words to target prospective sellers with tag lines such as “What is your Ann Arbor Home Worth?” Realize these sellers tend to be 1-2 years away from selling so plan to have a drip campaign or other follow up method to stay in contact with them until they are ready to sell.
  7. On review sites such as Realtor.com®, Zillow, etc. don’t just ask past clients to review you. Also ask lenders you work with regularly, home inspectors, title company employees, attorneys, etc.
  8. Send press releases for every listing. Mention you do this in your listing presentations as a way to further differentiate you from other listing agents and win the business.
  9. Figure out what you’re passionate about then get involved in those organizations in your community. This is a great way to get referral business.
  10. Identify the 30 past clients who have referred you the most business and treat them as your VIPs. Host special events for this group, call them regularly, etc. In addition, once a year Alex runs ideas past them such as new advertising mediums and gets their feedback as to whether they think those venues are a good use of his time and money.

2-Time Featured Attendee

Shay Hata is an Ivy League grad and REALTOR® serving the luxury market on the north side of Chicago.


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