Top #NARAnnual Tweets From Friday


Yesterday was the first official day of NAR Annual, and whether you’re there in person, or simply following the #NARAnnual Twitter feed, you’re being blasted with phenomenal content, industry news, and fun conversations. It’s a lot to take in, so we thought we condense the twitter feed for you into a few of the top tweets of the day!


Nobu Hata knows how to pitch the perfect real estate story to a reporter:


Apparently there are a lot of you that wanted to be here, but couldn’t make it. This post was favorited a LOT!


Our very own Jonathan Smoke gave a smoking hot session on economic trends!


The pedicabs have been a very popular form of transportation around downtown San Diego.


The IDX Robot has been a fun and popular addition this year!


Nobody summed it up better than our friend Bill Lublin.


The Social Media Advisory Board had a fascinating meeting. Learn more here:


The day concluded with a phenomenal ListHub party, where Enconomist Jonathan Smoke played disc jockey!

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