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BackAgent is a platform that our brokerage swears by and honestly we couldn’t function without it. Think transaction and compliance management on steroids. If you want to kick paper to the curb and run a completely paperless operation, then definitely consider BackAgent. The platform seamlessly links the MLS, ZipForm, and Docusign to their platform allowing its users to conduct business efficiently. The new reporting offerings for the brokerage and even reports delivered to the agent level will blow you away. What we believe is to be one of the most useful tools within the platform has to do with compliance. BackAgent has the ability to scrub transactions within the MLS and compare those to the ones uploaded or not uploaded in the BackAgent platform. This key detail will provide brokerage owners and office managers additional oversight to ensure files are being submitted in a timely manner. The second feature, and I believe the most important feature within the platform, is completely customizable checklist. The checklist, if utilized, will allow a newer agent with limited transaction experience to never skip a beat and shine like a rockstar.


I’ve had my eyeballs set on CoreFact for a few years but owning and operating a paperless brokerage, we do not use direct mail. However, for those that are in the market for a direct mail provider, be sure to view CoreFact’s array of products and services. Direct Mail is useful only if the results can be measured and that is one of the beauties of CoreFact. They provide metrics within your CoreFact account which will allow you to alter marketing efforts based on observations of successes and failures. Many brokerages want direct mail pieces to lure the consumer to their own website rather than another website but still have the ability to tap into metrics. That is possible with any marketing piece and you’ll still have access to the metrics in order to know if your marketing piece is working.


While HomeAhead doesn’t have a booth on the trade show floor, I have met with them extensively over the past year and stumbled upon these bright souls while trekking around the trade show floor. HomeAhead was born to solve a real estate problem. This problem being despite the real estate professional setting up a quite detailed search within their MLS with the exact criteria their client requested, consumers will still search every search real estate portal on this earth to find the unicorn house they believe won’t be found in the quite detailed MLS search. This is where HomeAhead shines. It allows the consumer to still conduct their real estate search within their preferred portal or a variety of portals but allows the real estate professional and client to view one list of homes the client has identified as a favorite regardless of which website that home was found on. This snazzy features is called “Wishlist.” Be sure to visit their website and download the Wishlist app on your smart phone.


While NerdWallet didn’t start out as a tool useful to real estate professionals, it has evolved into a vast resource that REALTORS® can tap into. NerdWallet is a financial technology company that provides its users content, tools, and products across an array of topics. Their mission is to provide clarity for all of life’s financial decisions. During their journey, they started to see that a lot of real estate professionals were interested in leveraging their content, so they created our NerdWallet Wire product (sign-up page here) that allows any partner to search, filter and post any of their mortgage and real estate home buying related content absolutely FREE.

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When Jennifer Archambeault is not using her wide range of talents to market or close the next real estate deal, you will find her leveraging her technology expertise to her team of agents at Urban Provision, REALTORS®.