Secret Tech Weapons to Build Your Perfect REALTOR® Smartphone with Beth Ziesenis


Beth provides awesome apps and website tools to help REALTORS® build SMART businesses. Check out a few suggestions from Beth to add to your SMART Toolkit!

  1. Office Lens allows you to sync your scanned document from your smart phone directly to  Microsoft Office 365 and makes your document editable.
  1. MileIQ: Mileage Tracker – Track your volunteer miles and business miles.
  1. Waze: Similar to Google Maps. However, the information provided is based on other Waze users from the area. Send your ETA with the Waze app if you are running behind.
  1. Evernote: Use Evernote to go paperless. It will change the way you work. Share notes, track your business, connect with your new client when you scan the business card and connect on LinkedIn.
  1. Big Box of NO!: Manage your time with Big Box of NO! Agents need to know when to say NO. This is the “fun” app.
  1. PicPlayPost: Create awesome graphics and video as a grid. Use this tool to create awesome cards for your clients. Better than a static photo.
  1. Canva: Use Canva to build your graphics. Works on a website or on your iPad.
  1. Discoverly: Use Discoverly as an add-on for Chrome to do research on the big picture of who someone is.
  1. Newsle: Now connected with LinkedIn, Newsle will send updates from LinkedIn when a status changes. A great way to follow up and congratulate your network.
  1. The Charlie App: It will send you a report of a person an hour before your meeting. A great way to start a conversation.
  1. Looks at social media profiles and tells you how to meet with another person and how to interact. Their social media profiles have great accuracy. It will also help you write your posts. Creepy, but helpful!
  1. Eyejot: A different way to connect. Use video to respond via email. Send a follow-up message with Eyejot to provide follow-up information on a listing, purchase, or respond to your new contact.

Click now to check out the apps the attendees shared with the group. This was a great way to engage the audience. Remember to follow beth @NerdyBFF


2-Time Featured Attendee

Carrie J. Bey-Little is a national speaker, digital marketing strategist, and a board director for MORe, one of the largest real estate boards in the U.S. Carrie is also the 2015 president elect for Women’s Council Illinois and a licensed real estate agent with Baird & Warner.


“Secret Tech Weapons to Build Your Perfect REALTOR® Smartphone” Featuring: Ms. Beth Ziesenis. This class was informative and innovative. Ms. Ziesenis was delightful and funny and kept you on the edge of your seat with her humor and very helpful information. I plan to apply these apps in my real estate business! — Ethel O’Dell

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