Why I Come to National to Network with My Locals


Last year, when I posted photos of the Nebraska dinner from #NARAnnual, several friends in the business asked me, “Why travel to conference just to network with people from home? Wouldn’t your time be better spent meeting new people from different areas?” I took some time to reflect on how to best answer this. How do you explain the type of bonding that happens when you’re with familiar people in a less familiar environment? There’s a special level of connection, an almost electrical spark, when you find time to meet with friends, clients and colleagues somewhere new. It’s similar to networking at home away from the office, but with the added element of sharing a new space together. Conferences help me recharge, gather new information, and feel fully informed. I love this level of sharing new ideas and discussing national industry news and how it’ll affect us locally. It’s exciting to have these conversations right in the mix of the conference over a good glass of wine or while sharing the chef’s special with my fellow Nebraskans. I highly recommend taking the time to reconnect, on a higher level, with your local associates while at #NARAnnual.

3-Time Featured Attendee

Jacy Riedmann is vice president of Amoura Productions. Amoura Productions is a photography and video production company specializing in real estate, architecture, travel, and tourism media.