Social Media Advisory Board Recap


The Social Media Advisory Board Meeting kicked off bright and early at 8:00 am this morning. We had special guests from Arnold & HAVAS Media who was there to explain the new social/digital campaign for “Get REALTOR®.” They discussed the need for social ad development and spending to reach millennials and the ever-growing online community. We touched on stats like 80% of consumers have a second screen up while watching television and the growth away from consumers viewing television commercials with the invention of DVR, Netflix, and videos on demand. The Arnold Creative representatives explained their goals of reinforcing the need for a “REAL”TOR® professional to guide consumers through the hectic, fast-paced, and often complicated process of buying or selling a property, while not feeling so overwhelmed that they shut down.

They’re doing this with free content for REALTORS® to share that makes the brand relevant, credible, and sometimes even bordering on edgy in a professional manner. There are partnerships to get REALTOR® content embedded into The New York Times, BuzzFeed, The Nest, and MSN Money. This was especially exciting to our group to see sites like BuzzFeed and The Nest which appeal to a very online shopping demographic, plus these sites produce very “share-worthy” content, in my personal opinion, which makes me most excited for this portion of the project.

Special Bonus: Check out the interactive wall they’re putting up at #NARAnnual on the expo floor. It’s there to help agents learn social best practices and tools, to increase their ability to connect with clients and hyper connected consumers, and to leverage curated content.

Next up with APCO Worldwide discussing their various projects designed to reach agents with savvy and shareable content. This included a series of visually appealing infographics, Twitter chats with a dedicated engagement #hashtag (RealInsightChat, over 428 points) podcasts with industry insiders and engagers like Laurie Weston Davis (The Geeky Girls, Revaluate, Scott Lincicome Properties) and Raj Qsar (The Boutique Real Estate Group). The takeaways were very positive and it was discovered that “the appetite for conversation was strong” and presents “an opportunity to sustain momentum.”

Our final guest was Suzanne Roy talking to us about increasing the power of® Agent Profiles by encouraging agents to fully complete their profiles. She showed us how strong the results are of these profiles showing up in the top of Google searches even for heavy online engagers like REALTOR® Axay Parekh (RE/MAX Life) whose® profile was his second result over his popular social media profiles. She also showed us the various search tools consumers would have to sort potential agents out by such as “highest rated,” “most recommended,” and “most recent activity.”

This was a very busy hour for the Social Media Advisory Board, and an exciting one as we’ve been given tangible action items to help spread the value of the REALTOR® brand.

Side Note: For Mr. or Mrs. Future #NARAnnual Conference Planner, us social media nerds REALLLLYYYY LOOOOVVVVEEEE the idea of an afternoon meeting… like, anytime after noon.

3-Time Featured Attendee

Jacy Riedmann is vice president of Amoura Productions. Amoura Productions is a photography and video production company specializing in real estate, architecture, travel, and tourism media.


Thanks so much for providing these key takeaways from the session, Jacy, and as always, GREAT to see your smiling face 🙂 We received an amazing response to our newly launched agent profiles and encourage any and all REALTORS® to not only claim theirs ( but request a rating/review from each of their closed transactions.

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