NAR Convention – It’s A Whirlwind!!


Remember my lecture on comfortable shoes? I hope someone took my advice because I sure didn’t. I’m so glad there’s a Sketchers store on 5th!

What a day it was yesterday—November 13th—for our first full day of the REALTORS® Convention & Expo! I started my day with the Social Media Advisory Board. There were great presentations on what’s in store for all of us from NAR. The meeting actually mentioned something that was carried through out the day for me in regards to marketing.

We REALTORS® tend to be very aggressive in our self promotion online in social media. I can think back on a lot of my posts and tweets and see that I’m all about that open house or that new listing. We need to learn to step back and start sharing what buyers and sellers want to see: information on the process. We need to step back from the “in your face” stuff with open houses and listings to start working on helping buyers and sellers become educated on the process. A well educated client is a comfortable client.

Another thing that came out of the meeting was the new improved® Agent Profiles. Have you filled yours out yet? NO?!?! Get on it! I need to work on mine. There are some amazing profiles out there. Make sure you get yours completed because when someone heads to Google to check you out (and you know they do), your agent profile will rank very high—possibly in the #1 or #2 spot.

From the Social Media meeting, I wandered over to the Convention Center to check things out. The San Diego Convention Center is beautiful! And looooooooooooooooong! I had a chance to run into some familiar faces, meet up with online friends for the first time and get an idea of where everything was.

One thing that you need to stop and take a few moments at is the Good Neighbor Awards booth. It’s located on the main concourse, just opposite of entrance D to the Expo. There are five incredible nominees that have given back to their communities in amazing ways. Go. Take a look and be inspired!!

My day wrapped up with a great class on Agent Safety with Tamara Suminski. I wish we’d been able to take the three hour course! For one hour, Tamara talked with us about Common Sense Safety topics including: conducting ourselves with new prospects, showing them homes, holding open houses with someone, listening to that gut of yours, and hammering home the idea of OUR value. Safety is an issue that I’m very passionate about. During my day yesterday, I was able to have a few conversations about it, thanks to my conversation starter:

I’m proud to be a member of the Arizona Agent Safety work group. This past summer, we helped create a statewide alert system for all agents to keep them informed on safety situations that occur. We want every single one of our agents to feel safe in their day to day job and, when something does happen, we have the vehicle to help get the word out and protect others. If you’re interested in bringing this to your association, let me know. I’ll be glad to share what we did.

Today? More great education and our first trip around the Expo – with a ton of business cards! Let me know how you are enjoying the convention! What have you learned? What cool people have you met?

First-Time Featured Attendee

Emmary Simpson is a REALTOR® and MRP with Tierra Antigua Realty – Downtown Tucson. Her main focus is assisting our military members moving to or from Davis Monthan Air Force Base as well as retired members of all branches.