Music Mania


Music Mania saw its inaugural event in Washington D.C. this year, and the hilarity continued in San Diego on Friday night. Music Mania, the brain child of Utah’s Kenny Parcell, is “Name That Tune” meets karaoke.

REALTORS® from the West Coast challenge their East Coast colleagues to a sing off. One singer chooses a decade, and DJ Kenny and Kevin Sears pick a random song from that decade. The first to ring the bell and give the song title gets one point. The first to ring in and correctly give the artist name gets another point. As the song continues, both contestants must face off and be judged by a panel.

The performer who gets most of the words right and engages the crowd the most gets more points.

As you can see from my photo gallery, the second Music Mania was a huge, hilarious success. All proceeds go to RPAC.

6-Time Featured Attendee

Brian Copeland is the 2016 president-elect of the Tennessee Association of REALTORS®, and is the chief of Broker Services for Village Real Estate Services.