Big Hairy Referral Challenge

As a Social Media Speaker, I believe I’m creative and that I can think outside of the box. However, the Women’s Council of REALTORS® decided to put me to a test. Olivia Peterson pitched an idea to me for WCR. I gladly accepted but with mental reservations. WCR wanted me to conduct four 27-minute sessions where 170 people would rotate rooms, and I had to develop an interactive networking activity where no WiFi could be used to facilitate a referral. I must say that was a big order to request from someone who mentally breaks down without WiFi.

First Challenge:

  1. Complete the Referral Agreement Receiving Agent (Only)
  2. Take a picture of each form separately
  3. Meet three new members and ask them for their business card
  4. Text each new member you meet your Receiving Agent pre-populated form
  5. Ask that member to send you a referral and tell them how you will service their customer. Keep it short!
  6. Every time you receive a text from a Receiving Agent, respond to that text by texting back your Receiving Agent form and tell the other agent you look forward to a reciprocal relationship.

Second Challenge:

  1. Take a selfie with 3-4 WCR members (including yourself). Everyone should have one selfie photo on their device.
  2. Collect at least one of the following from each person in the photo:
    • Twitter handle: @MarkiLemons
    • Instagram username: @MarkiLemons
    • Facebook name: Marki.Lemons
  3. Tag each person in your selfie photo when you have WiFi access. To tag a person place the “@” before their name.

The results were outstanding! WCR Really Does Rock.


3-Time Featured Attendee

In a market where change is the only constant factor, Marki’s has used her dynamic, professional attitude and vast experience to become one of the top speakers in the country relying on content from one of the fifteen classes she has authored.