Innovative Education Session – Notes from Crystal Washington’s Class


Some highlights from Crystal Washington Innovative Education session for WCR.

  • Social media demographics are changing, but maybe not for the reasons you think. Those high school and college age kids got older. Many of them are still on social media. Who is not there so much…younger millennials.
  • We are addicted to our technology! If you sleep with a phone, near a phone, or panic when you leave home without one, you are probably addicted. Re-read the previous sentence and insert “a beer” and it becomes clear now.
  • Real estate is incredibly important to millennials. They need help. Determine the demographic you want to talk to and then talk to them in their language. Younger millennials are choosing portals such as Instagram and Twitter for conversations about housing. Tune in and listen to the channels your clients are using and go there.

4-Time Featured Attendee

Lola is a first generation American and a first generation REALTOR®. Living, working, and visiting across three continents has provided a global perspective on life and business.