Green Resource Council Update


The Green Resource Council has rewritten the Green designation course and unveiled it today at the convention. I dropped by to see it presented by John Shipman—I am on the Green Advisory Board—and he is doing a great job. The information is updated and the path to the Green designation has changed for the better. It is a challenge to the REALTOR® to remain relevant to the transaction, have knowledge of building science, and understand the cost of owning a property, as well as the health and environmental aspects. These are all very important tools. Get Green to be a better REALTOR®!

4-Time Featured Attendee

John Rosshirt is a residential broker and part owner of Stanberry & Associates REALTORS®.


Very interested in the GREEN designation course. Would like to know when they will be offered and where. Also very interested in teaching this course. I did my masters theses on global warming.

Edward E Lang, MRE

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