An Overachiever’s NAR Badge


When you attend any industry trade show, they give you a badge at check-in with a geeky lanyard to wear while you are there. Walking around San Diego last night, I saw group after group of REALTORS® wearing their badges.

Above is a picture of my roommate’s badge—a sure sign she is a REALTOR® overachiever! Along with being a graduate of REALTOR® University with me in the MRE program, Candace Cooke is a real estate instructor in Texas and I am pretty sure she has earned every designation possible. She is a true believer in education being the cornerstone to making us better agents and brokers. Check out all her “bling!”

Candy and I will be at the trade expo today in the afternoon, and you may find us working the REALTOR® University booth around 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Stop by and say hi—we would be glad to answer any questions about the MRE program.

First-Time Featured Attendee

Erica Ramus is the broker/owner of RAMUS Realty Group in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. She was in NAR’s REALTOR® University’s first graduating class to earn the MRE degree.


These badges are a reflection of how much one cares about their industry, how they are dedicated to their profession, and how they yearn for knowledge. Although they may be a little geeky, I think your roommate should wear them proudly.

You have no idea how correct that statement is, Troy! I have taken classes from Candy and am blessed to know her personally. She is amazing, and I’ve never met anyone who cared more about the industry than her!

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