My NAR Annual Road Trip


Road-tripping to the NAR Annual has become a yearly highlight for our team. This year, my starting point was Austin, Texas. I drove from Austin to Joplin, MO on the first day, visiting offbeat attractions and small towns along the way. I love to hop out of the car and Instagram old signs, unique buildings, and beautiful places with my iPhone.

The second day I traveled from Joplin, Mo to Omaha, NE, where I had a REBarCamp Omaha meet-up with a team of dedicated REALTORS® and affiliate members to plan next year’s “un”conference. We took a tour of a newer brewery in town, the Farnam House Brewing Company.

jriedmann_post_my-nar-annual-road-trip_500x500_01I also met up with my Amoura Productions teammates who would be traveling with me to San Diego. Chuck, Paul, Jeff, and I loaded up the production van with all the gear we’d need to film for NAR Conference Live over the coming week. It’s so much easier to travel by vehicle than to fly with lots of sensitive media gear, plus the experience is a great time to bond with co-workers and share our sense of adventure. Having four photographers in one vehicle, you know the trip will be well documented!

We traveled across the great plans of Nebraska and into Vail, CO on the third day. There were winter weather advisories ahead, and we knew we needed to get through Colorado sooner rather than later. Vail was gorgeous, with its snow-capped mountains, wildlife, clear and crisp fall air, and sometimes frozen rivers. The hotel poolside fires were cozy after a long day of driving. We woke up early on Day Four, grabbed some coffee, and hit the road again from Colorado; we were well into Utah before the winter storms hit. Driving through the mountains in winter weather in a large production vehicle was an interesting challenge, but it was also breathtakingly beautiful.

As the skies darkened, we stopped in Beaver City, UT for the night to be safe. We explored the small town and ate at a cute old diner with “home-cooked” comfort food before turning in for the night. We were rewarded with beautiful sunrise photos over the pink, snow-covered landscape in the morning. Our drive through Utah and Arizona was a colorful one, and we took several photo breaks, though you also could have often spotted me hanging out the window snapping with my cell phone as we headed from I-70 to I-15.

jriedmann_post_my-nar-annual-road-trip_500x500_02Jeff hadn’t seen the Vegas Strip before, so we pulled off in Nevada for lunch at Gluttons. How can you go wrong with a restaurant named like that!? The chef’s wife ended up being our server and helped us pick some great grind. Afterwards we caught the end of Las Vegas’ Veterans Day Parade, including a giant American flag being hoisted by two fire trucks. It was quite beautiful. We enjoyed all the retro motel and casino signs. We also drove by the Las Vegas Speedway where all the speed limits are set to 23.

We traveled from Nevada to San Diego and saw several solar power plants and wind farms along the route. It was interesting to see the growth in these forms of energy along the interstate. We arrived in San Diego just as it was getting dark out and scoped out the conference center.

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Jacy Riedmann is vice president of Amoura Productions. Amoura Productions is a photography and video production company specializing in real estate, architecture, travel, and tourism media.