Evernote My NEW BFF for Following Up After #NARAnnual


Evernote is my NEW BFF. Evernote is marketed as a productivity tool however, I use it as my initial CRM and follow-up system. While flying out to the REALTORS® Conference and Expo I set up a note titled “#NARAnnual 2015. It was a pleasure to meet you”, to be emailed to anyone I meet at the conference. The message has to be informative yet generic. I wanted to insure that you knew we met at the conference, something about me, my Unique Selling Proposition, the benefit to you for connecting with me, and how to connect with me in the future. The follow-up message also includes a link to the copy of my presentations from the conference.

Through the third party tool-Zapier I can connect my CRM (Infusionsoft) account to my Evernote account and each new note will create a contact in Infusionsoft. I only collect business cards from people who want to hear from me. In addition to receiving a follow-up note about the conference everyone also receives an email campaign comprised of three emails over 14 days.

Because I took a picture of the REALTORS® business card with Evernote Business Card Camera, I’m instructed to conduct the following steps:

    1. Connect with the person on LinkedIn (provided the email on the business card is associated with a LinkedIn account).
    2. Save the contact to my Google Contacts.
    3. Save the contact information with a photo of the business card as an Evernote Note.

Viola! I now have the REALTORS® information stored as a contact in three places and I’ve asked the REALTOR® to connect with me on LinkedIn.

I no longer carry an ample supply of business cards with me because I’m clear I have a follow-up system in place that is converting therefore, I collect business cards and I demonstrate to REALTORS® how they too can set up a follow-up system that converts and keep them first in mind. 67% of buyers only interview one real estate agent. As a REALTOR® I want to be first and I want to follow up.

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