Advocacy Is 24/7


I’ve had the distinct honor of being a Featured Attendee for the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo for the last few years, and have made many visits to the offices of Michigan’s Senators and Congressional Representatives as part of the delegation from Michigan. During those visits REALTORS® from around the country are on The Hill, showing the strength of our numbers and advancing issues important to our business and private property rights.

Nobody should begin to think that this advocacy is something that only happens one week in May each year. In fact, our members and staff are out working with local, state, and federal office holders year round, building relationships and promoting the issues that make it possible for REALTORS® to earn a livelihood. These meetings are taking place nearly every day of the year.

On a warm Sunday in October, Teri Spiro, the Federal Political Coordinator for Representative Sander Levin was joined by Realtor colleagues, Karen Greenwood, Jamie Iodice, Dmitry Koublitsky, and me at an event to support the congressman in his next elections. Also on hand, was recently retired US Senator, and the congressman’s younger brother, Carl Levin.

As an FPC, Teri meets with Levin and his staff throughout the year to solidify his understanding of our issues and keep the lines of communications open. Teri has built a strong professional relationship with the congressman and his staff, and relationships like this help the Realtor Party protect our interests. Levin was happy to sit down with us to get a better understanding of the local real estate market and to hear about our concerns with current regulations and federal policy.

Thanks to Teri and all the FPCs for their important work. And thanks to all RPAC investors for the strength you give to the Realtor Party’s advocacy efforts.


3-Time Featured Attendee

Maureen is a member of the 2015 NAR Leadership Academy, former president of the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®, and a director of Michigan Realtors®.