Time for a New Headshot?


Does your headshot need an update? Make it your time to shine at the Photo Finish booth on Monday, November 16 at the REALTORS® Expo. Visit Booth #2751 to have your professional photo taken for free by NAR’s official photographer, Oscar & Associates. Thanks to our Photo Finish sponsor Citrix ShareFile + RightSignature (Booth #2909).

This is a great chance to have your photo captured with professional cameras and lighting, and taken by a professional photographer. You’ll be able to download digital images to use for marketing yourself and your real estate business. Add your new photo to your email signature or business card, or upload it to your social media pages and website.

To prepare for your photo session, here are four tips from Oscar & Associates to help you get the best results.

  1. Select your clothes appropriately. The framing of the photos may be tight from the chest up as well as be from head to toe so keep this in mind when choosing your wardrobe. Wear long sleeves or a jacket. Avoid loud patterns and too many colors because they distract from your face. If you would like splashes of color, men can add a power tie and women can add a colorful scarf.
  2. Have your hair combed and styled so that it needs to only be retouched.
  3. Jewelry: Less is more so that it does not distract from your face.
  4. We know that is easier said than done and we will chat with you to get your guard down. A relaxed and natural smile will look much more genuine.

We are the Conference Live 2015 editorial team.


Do I have to make an appointment or is this first-come, first-served? Does the photographer have a website? (for future photos)

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